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STUDiLMU for Business - Online Courses, Online Trainings, E-learning, Online Classes, and Learning Management System


STUDiLMU for Business

Innovative solutions
to boost your creative people

STUDiLMU for Business is online courses platform which is dedicated for organizations and your employees' learning needs.

We provide the best online courses for levelling up your employees' competencies. Our Learning Managers take care of all your learning needs so you can focus on your core business. We love what we do. And more than anything, we want to help you love your most valuable asset - your people.



  • Dashboard for Monitoring
  • Pre Test & Final Test
  • Online Certificate
  • Offline Mode
  • 5

    years of all courses and videos development

  • 3

    weeks of crafting per video

  • 3

    shooting hours per video





Training Days

1/2 Day Workshops

Our Services


Measure Learning Engagement

Get Valuable Insights into User Behavior and Learning Patterns

Learn and Improve Skills

Taught by Experts to Help Your Employees Do Whatever Comes Next

Scale your company's learning

Build Your Own Training Content in a Customized Learning Account

Our features

Manage all courses, monitor your employee progress and activity directly from HR Dashboard. Take your online training that provided for you as an employee by logging into Employee Dashboard.


Manage courses and employees as the HR or take courses as an employee directly from the dashboard available on various platforms.

Collect Points

SiCOIN are collected after you finished a course to be exchanged into a prize provided by your company.

Get Your Certificate

Get your certificate once you have completed a course.

Get Detailed Reports

Generate your employees detailed report based on what you need as an HR for further company development.

Import Courses

Assign hundreds of STUDiLMU's online courses with various topics into your employees with just a click!

Unique Subdomain

You can have your own subdomain, it's unique and safe. Your data only can be accessed by you as the HR.


Your employees may embark on a competition within the company by completing courses and earning exciting badges.

Create Your Own Course

Easily import your company's own courses to STUDiLMU's platform with various material compatibility from video, pdf, doc, quiz, etc.

Offline Mode

Ease your learning process through the offline mode, so you wouldn't have to be worried by any connection issues.

Our Clients



STUDiLMU is Available for Free

Experience immersive STUDiLMU courses right in the palm of your hand